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        We Performance Products & Services, are an established supplier of superior quality industrial gear lubricants. We specialize in marketing & supply of high end products like Tribol /Optimol lubricants for Wind Mills, Textile Industries, Automotive OEMs, Cement Industry, Mining Industry, etc. We are a group of technocrats having extensive experience lubrication engineering. Capable of providing high level of engineering services, we also offer application-engineering support and total lube management to industrial customers.

  Our Vision

        To be a partner of choice for the customer by providing products and technical services which assist them to meet their production and maintenance goals

  Development of lubrication technology

        In the past year lubricants with EP (extreme pressure) and MoS2, (molybdenum disulfide) additives where widely used . However, as these technologies had met their limits, the research and development departments of Optimol and Tribol opened up new paths independently of each other searching for particularly effective additive systems. They developed new additive combinations, which generate a smoothing effect in the micro-range. These innovative additive packages were launched in the market under the names of Microflux Trans® and TGOA®. The basic idea of Microflux Trans® and TGOA® are an improvement of the surface quality without depositing of removing material. These state-of-the-art additive technologies adjust themselves even more selectively to the changing loads in the lubricated system. The high performance lubricants with Microflux Trans® and TGOA® additives increase the contract area of the lubricated than 80%. At the same time the specific surface pressure the coefficient of friction and as a consequence wear are also reduced significantly.

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